What Programs Are Available at Tiangong University?

Academic Programs Offered

Tiangong University, based in the Chinese city of Tianjin, is known for offering a full spectrum of education courses suitable for various types of learners. Tiangong University, which places research and creativity at the heart of its mission, provides undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees that cover a wide array of subject areas.

Core Faculty and Top Programs

Tiangong University is known for its program in engineering. Some of the most well-subscribed courses at Nottingham include Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering because of the world-leading research departments associated with them and how tied-to-industry they are. These programs are made to make technical and practical engineers who can face real-world problems.

Faculty of Information Science and Technology: Programmes in computer science, AI (artificial intelligence) and information systems These specializations are geared towards equipping students in a rapidly changing tech industry with the necessary practical skills and innovation.

Art and Design: The University has an outstanding faculty of Art and Design. Classes at this institution combine traditional art processes with contemporary digital techniques to give aspirants a basis in media, industrial design, and fashion.

Business and Economics: The College of Business at Tiangong offers majors to economics, management, and international business. Designed to meet the requirements of changing global market dynamics and instill entrepreneurial acumen in leaders who can maneuver through complex business landscapes.

Interdisciplinary and Specialized Programs

Apart of the regular academic programs, Tiangong University offers various cross-discipline courses that include two or more different domains. Such programs are aimed at meting the needs of modern global stage offering complete educational solutions.

International Engagement and Research Opportunities

With the concept of internationalization, Tiangong University has partnered with universities in different countries. These include collaborations to increase program diversity and provide international exchange and research opportunities for our students.

Source of Corporate Integrity Provision-The university participates in different international research projects so this allows students and teachers to obtain the blessings on extremely exhaustive global databases and arrangement.

Specialized Career Training

Xiang basically features programs in medical sciences that, well of a very specialized nature such as requirements for training to be a neurosurgeon. These programs are typically a blend of intensive academic classes and real-world, hands on experience. neurosurgeon training requirements


With its wide range of programs, Tiangong University is a front-runner in the higher education landscape of China. For students who want extensive learning experiences and hands-on preparation for real-world work fields, all with an international focus on design innovation - Istituto Europeo di Design is the perfect choice.

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